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Dry Bib Bandanna Bib (Twin)

The quick-drying bib – proudly made in Australia since 2002! No wet clothes!

Every DryBib® and Bandana DryBib® has a thin layer of fleece, which absorbs and disperses all dribbles. The specially developed fleece has tiny ‘tunnels’ so the air lets the moisture evaporate straight away. No other bibs offers this unique feature. No other bibs are quick-drying like DryBib.


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No wet clothes and no saliva rash on your baby.

The bibs come in many exciting and fashionable colours and patterns. The front is 100% cotton. The back is 100% ‘tunnel’ Polyester fleece. The studs are nickel free. We do not use child-labour to produce our bibs. We actually find it highly disturbing that products for Aussie kids could be made by other kids.

We do not use potentially harmful plastic or PVC. In fact, we are surprised that some still do. Plastic softeners may cause a lot of damage to your baby and to the environment. There is a risk that dangerous phthalate cause allergy, cancer and sterility. In Europe those phthalates are forbidden in clothing and toys for kids under 3.

This is how they work:

There is no magic to it. Just a clever design and the use of a specially developed fleece. DryBib is obviously a Registered Trademark so no one can copy any of it. Although, some try, they never get it right. Nevertheless, our ip lawyer always makes them pay dearly.

This is how the bibs with the specially developed fleece works. Click below and see the demonstration:

Mum’s love them!

“I bought one bib originally and was amazed at how it kept everything dry. Although the bib gets soaking wet it indeed dries quickly. I have since gone back and bought more. I sent two overseas for a friends new born and proudly highlighted that they are Australian. Any chance I have I will be buying them as part of any friends new born package. Fantastic product that works and looks great on the little ones.”
“I have 6 children and have used a lot of bibs in my time and have found that normal bibs just let the dribble slide straight off and onto baby’s pants etc. Your bandana bibs are great with the little crease in them, they catch all the dribble.” Nat

Carefully hand made right in Australia


Fish, Fox Bear, Pink Duck, Pink Rose, White Bee


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