When my baby is sick…..

When your kids are sick it’s heart breaking. Seeing the poor little darlings with a cold virus…hardly being able to breathe properly, they don’t sleep well, you pump them full of medicine. But for parents it’s exhausting. Life doesn’t stop because your kid is sick. You go to work and you spend all night awake with them and then you go to work again the next day. If you’re the one that stays home with them it’s even more exhausting because they’re just miserable all day. The only 45mins peace you have is when the nurofen kicks in and they’re happy playing by themselves! This is the time in your life you really learn how to do everything one handed whilst holding your child.

My husband and I have this unspoken hatred for each other because one always thinks the other has had more sleep than them. I do believe I watched a video recently that said women need more sleep because their brain works harder.. I’ll go with that! Suffice to say he’s snoring right night and I’m watching home renovation shows.

I generally don’t get down very much but I do feel very low around this time. I put it down to the lack is sleep. But as I’ve talked about before, I find this even more exhausting that when I had a new born.

But there is at least a silver lining. They get better. And then they’re your happy little munchkin again. And in our case, after lily is sick like this.. a tooth usually pops up too. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen with every tooth she cuts but the future isn’t looking bright in that regard 😳.

Zoe is a 33 year old first time mother, with a Bachelor in Social work, who in her pre-baby life baked nearly every day, kept up a facebook food blog, worked full time and lived in a clean house. She has spent the last several years happily settled in a small town in rural Australia (moving from city of Melbourne) where she met her husband Ben and works as a drug and alcohol clinician. She always wanted to be a mum and adores it, but in the midst of that mothering bliss, being a mum has unearthed a range of emotions including guilt and self-doubt. Being a working mum, her current and future goals include getting a leg wax (way overdue), making sure Lily’s daycare Christmas outfit fits, and bringing Lily up not to become a stripper, a drug dealer or both.

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